Password organizer that’s safe & secure!

You never have to remember a password again. Save your passwords in your own personal vault so that you can access safely. The best part is the browser add-on.


*Free Scan. Purchase is required to use all functions.

Save Your Passwords in One Secure Account

Advanced Password Manager securely locks your personal and financial information so that you can unlock them using your own master key.

You generally have to remember multiple passwords for your accounts (e-mail, social networking sites, blogs, forums etc.). Using the same password for all your accounts is unsecure and unsafe. If someone obtains the password, all your accounts are hacked without your notice. To stay protected and secure, you need to have a different password for all your accounts.
With Advanced Password Manager installed, you can:
  • Protect all your passwords.
  • Auto-fill login credentials using Advanced Password Manager's add-on.
  • Securely save your online accounts.
  • Sync passwords, credit card details and more, over browsers.
  • Generate strong passwords.

Compatible with: Windows XP & above, Mac 10.8+


Password for All

Lets you remember only one password to unlock all your accounts.


Auto-Fill Forms

Saves time by auto-filling forms over the internet, using your saved details.


Security Traces Removal

Deletes all potential security traces (passwords, credit card details etc.) from your PC or Mac.


Auto-Sync across Browsers

Automatically syncs your saved details across browsers through its extension.

Secure Your Passwords in 3 Easy Steps!

With Advanced Password Manager, you can clean and secure your personal information in just 3 easy steps:




Scan your PC or Mac for existing identity traces that can be stolen.



Save these scanned traces to your vault and lock it using your master key



Remove scanned identity traces from your PC or Mac to stay safe & secure.

The free scan only version scans for privacy traces. To clean these traces, you need to purchase the activation key.